Top Ten Games that should have a break

Not exactly a review, but this is my opinion on the games in the gaming industry that should take a break in the release schedule so that the series as a whole isn’t ruined. These games are not in any particular order as a forewarning.

10. Call of Duty

Now this might seem like a throwaway and getting on the bandwagon, and in part it kind of is. I remember when I first played Call of Duty. I thought it was a decent game; The gunplay was pretty good and that’s about it. The story never really grabbed my attention, and the multiple is the reason we have the meme’s we have today about fps games. There has been so many Call of Duty games, that when you look at them as a whole, not a whole lot has changed from game to game when you look at multiplayer. The main change is the minor story, which honestly I never hear much about when people talk about the game. It’s always the multiplayer. There is other shooters out there I think is better, like Halo, Planet Side 2, and even Borderlands.

9. The Sims

This game series has a really obvious reason…the insane amount of DLC the game has. Sims 3 was probably the best in the series…once you had all the DLC. Sims 4 came around and took away pretty much all the DLC of sims 3 and a little more, which will be released as DLC in the future. The sims started out as a fairly innocent series, a satire even, but once DLC became a thing, the sims has been exploiting it ever since. Honestly, the series has no reason to have a new installment if it’s going to resell DLC for each new game. A new installment should bring new concepts to the table not take them away.

8. Assassin’s Creed

A yearly release title, and it really needs a break. It had a strong start with it’s concept of memories stored in DNA and going through those memories of the ancestors to protect the present. After a while though, I feel like the series lost track of what it was trying to go for. The stories in hindsight are a bit hard to connect, especially  Black Flag and onward, but each game also doesn’t change a whole lot. The game play’s the same across all titles with little new gameplay content. The major changes is the era you’re in and the story you play through. Assassin’s creed feels like it’s more of a cash grab than a strong, story telling game. The game should take a break until developers can find a way to conclude the story they’ve worked so hard to create.

7. Sonic

This isn’t joining the bandwagon for Sonic to die. Sonic has had a rocky life ever since the 3D era. You had Sonic Adventure one which was fun, then Sonic Adventure 2 which was still fun but not as good in the story department, then Sonic heroes where it was still okay, but the gameplay was not as good. Sonic is Sega’s life line right now. Instead of creating new IP’s to test new ideas, they use sonic as their guinea pig to test new ideas and that is slowly killing the hedgehog. Sonic had two games that have been good lately, Sonic Colors and Generations. Boom was a disaster, and we don’t know what’s in store for the future. Sonic has always been about speed and platforming together. Developers are trying to make sonic appeal to the younger generations and that’s just not working as well as they want. Sonic colors and Generations were some of the best games when they came out because they catered to the old fans, but also got the core of what makes sonic sonic. Young and old enjoyed those games. Sonic should not deviate from what he does best. Sonic Adventure 1 was as good as it was because it captured sonic nearly perfectly. Not only that but you could play as Knuckles and Tails as well which was amazing. That is a concept that should be brought back. Sonic definitely shouldn’t die, but should take a break until developers can do him justice he deserves. Besides if Sonic was to die out, why aren’t more people attacking a certain Italian plumber?

6. Pokemon

This might be a bit out of left field for some people but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Pokemon is on Generation 7, has over 700 pokemon, and the countless remakes of previous generations with added and removed features. Pokemon is a huge RPG with an incredibly simple story when you take it at face value. But why should it take a break? After creating 700 pokemon, you can only make so many honestly. The designs are nowhere near as creative as they used to be for new pokemon, but also it becomes more about stats than the pokemon. Back when the first game released, there was only 150 pokemon. Each one had different abilities, looks, etc. When you have 700 pokemon and have to split 14 different types and different moves between them, the uniqueness of each one becomes nonexistent. When there was only 150 pokemon, certain pokemon having exclusive moves meant something, but now it doesn’t mean as much. The story is pretty much the same between all the games with slight variances, but I think that it should take a break so that we have time between each game, so developers can be more creative with pokemon and create more moves that are exclusive to certain pokemon so that some of the pokemon that never get used have a chance of being used. Pokemon needs a break because if it doesn’t then it will only be a matter of time before it becomes stale and slowly dies out, even if it would take a 100 years.

5.  Street Fighter 4

How many freaking releases does one game need. Ever since Street fighter 4 came out, we have gotten rerelease after rerelease after rerelease of this game. It’s the most popular one they ever made, so makes sense right?  Street fighter as a series should take a break because its honestly got nothing new to offer. Anything it tried to offer, some other fighting game has done. They are finally making street fighter 5, but I feel it might be too late. If anything, Street fighter 5 will most likely be street fighter 4 with a new coat of paint and maybe new characters, but that’s not saying much when you have as many versions as you do of street fighter 4.

4. Mario Party

What started out as a fun party game for friends who hated each other has now become something of a completely different beast. It was a fun exciting game and each new iteration brought new minigames, new challenges, even new gameplay and strategies that it made sense to make a new game. But after Mario Party 7, things went down hill. Mario party 8 took out the challenge of the boards and instead had you walk in a straight line. 9 and 10 made everyone ride together which took away all challenge and even the fun of making a strategy to mess up your friends across the bored. It was now entirely luck based if you won because your move might make your friend win more stars than you and your friend didn’t even have to try to do it either. But Mario party has strayed so far from what it originally was. The minigames have not been anywhere near as enjoyable as they used to be. I think that it should be safe to bet that Mario Party should take a break until they decide to go back to the original formula, or come up with something that makes it worth a sequel.

3. Final Fantasy

While nothing is wrong with the story or rpg elements it brings, but lately the series has lacked a certain openness to it. The stories may be different, but it doesn’t excuse the hallway like areas of the latest games. Many consider Final Fantasy 6 or 7 to be the best, and that may be because of how open those games are, or the fact that the story is much more well crafted than later entries. The stories of FF13 have been subpar at best. There has been nothing great about the games after FF10 that really set them apart from one another. They begin to feel the same and eventually that leads to the decline of any game. FF15 has a lot riding on it’s shoulders. If it is not as good as the hype makes it out to be, or at least somewhere near it, then it needs to take a break so developers can get their bearings and make a good FF game again.

2. Halo

Microsofts child, it has had some of the best story a fps has had compared to others. Halo has been a great series, but after the ending of Halo 4, I think it should be put to rest. The story of the Chief has been told, he’s done his duty, there is nothing more for him to do. I sort of think it may have been better to have ended the way halo 3 did, but 4 also ended in a way that was satisfying. Halo 5 continues with the Chief going AWOL, but we really don’t need that story. Halo 4 ended with Chief basically saving the universe, Halo 5 basically takes that ending and says, “Fooled you, there’s more”, when there doesn’t need to be. Unless Halo 5 has an amazing story that makes sense, Halo should be put to rest for good, or it will become a cash grab for Microsoft (even though it sort of already is).

1.  Kingdom Hearts

This is sure to set some people off. Now number one is so hard to pick because there are so many games out there that should be given a break, so why Kingdom hearts? Fans have been waiting years for the conclusion of the series at KH3. Some games in between have been useful for filling out the lore and backstory of the game. Some of those games should have been parts of the other games like re:coded should have been told as part of one of the other games instead of it’s own. The developer did announce there would be more games after KH3, but it really shouldn’t continue because the series has been building up to this conclusion for years. Anything afterwords would simply not be able to live up to what the Xehanort saga has told as a story. If it to continue after KH3, then it should take a break so it doesn’t end up as Final Fantasy did.

Honorable mentions:

There were so many games I wanted to list but for this top ten I think it’s fitting for what I chose. Other games include Mario, Destiny, and Battlefield to name a few. These games though have changed enough, that they did not warrant a break. Destiny is a special case because it’s just plain bad and lied to fans about what it offered. Anyways I hope you find some truth in my top ten. I would like to hear your guys thoughts, and what you would pick for your top ten!


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